Breakdown of the Yaw Orientation System

When operating wind turbines, one of the most common failures can be found in the breakdown of the Yaw Orientation System.
Turbines operating in extreme weather conditions, continuous gear stress, and the general aging of equipment, can greatly cause the orientation system to malfunction.
Such malfunctions can include heavily damaged gears, visible frame cracks, and broken or sworn out teeth.
These issues when left unaddressed can create extensive repair problems, inefficient energy production, and overall revenue loss.

yaw orientation system of a wind turbine

Fixing damaged yaw orientation

iZanda has created an efficient, yet cost effective method in fixing damaged yaw orientation systems by isolating the malfunctioning yaw ring area, and replacing only the damaged segment. iZanda´s repair system extends the overall lifespan of the yaw ring and reduces a tremendous amount of downtime for repair and maintenance.

before and after of a reparation in a yaw ring
wind turbine repair onsite

Repair wind turbine onsite

The process is wholly on site, with iZanda´s repair system lifted and fixated onto the wind turbine directly.
iZanda´s milling machine has been uniquely designed to fit the opening of the mainframe perfectly.
This allows trained technicians to fully inspect and assess the repairs quickly. The concept of on site machining fixes issues without disassembling the whole wind turbine.
iZanda can work with numerous different wind turbine models.
Completion of the process average less than a week, with respect to variables such as ease of access, depth of damage, and materials needed.


iZanda focuses on limiting overall repair time with direct on site repair methods, increasing the output and life expectancy of the wind turbine with well trained technicians, and finally maximizing cost saving for the customer.

shaft generator machining in a wind farm

Other on site Maintenance and Repair Services offered by iZanda:

  • Yaw Ring Recovery

  • Tower Flange Facing

  • Milling of Generator Beds

  • Slow Shaft Embedding Machining

  • Brake Track Polishing

  • Boring of Gear Housing and Gearboxes

  • Repair of Frame Cracks and Fissures

  • Low Shaft Recovery

Wind Farm On-site Machining