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[1.5] As providers, we may at any time establish legal technical procedures for anonymous information about your visitors, which would mean, in any case, such information could not be associated in any way to a specific user. This type of procedure retain data such as domain name provider that gives access to the network to the user, the date and time you access our site, the Internet address from which it departed on the link or link to our website, the number of daily visitors to each section, and data of a similar nature. The end of the data and information collected is statistical, so that allows us to acquire more knowledge about the activity of visitors to the web, in order to improve yourself and / or increase their presence online.

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[3.3] As responsible for the files of personal data, we are the ones who take responsibility in adopting security measures technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD, LSSI-CE, and other applicable legislation.

[3.4] The user, in any case, the veracity of the data provided, so we reserve the right to deny service to any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in accordance with law.

[3.5] Any registered user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their personal data in respect of their personal data in the terms provided by law, provided through this website, by written communication, accompanied by a copy Identity Document addressed to the entity responsible for the file that collects personal data, whose address is listed at the end of this disclaimer.


[4.1] LThe totality of this website (texts, images, trademarks, logos, audio files, software files, color combinations, etc.), as well as the structure of its contents are protected by the rules of Intellectual Property, can not be subject to exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, transformation or any other form of dissemination not expressly authorized by us, as providers and holders of intellectual property rights. Therefore, access to this website does not give users any rights or any ownership of intellectual property rights and / or industrial property of the contents of this web.

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[5.1] These general conditions by Spanish law alluded to above or any other not explicitly stated but is governed mandatory. Therefore, the user of this website expressly disclaims any jurisdiction that corresponds, subject to the Courts of Castellón (Spain).


[6.1] The holder registry information of this web are the following:

  • Name or company name: iZanda Portable Machines Tools S.L.
  • Tax identification code: B-12932364
  • Registered in the trade register of Castellón: Writing nº2014 / 1101, authorized by the notary Tarragón Albella, Ernesto on June 5, 2014, with the entry number 1/2014 / 3515.0 daily 161 seat 1312, registered on June 5 2014 in volume 1649, folio 87, entry 1 with sheet CS-36581.

[6.2] The address of the owner of this website, for the purposes of communication and exercise of rights is as follows:

  • Address: C/ La Torta, 26D. Pol. Ind. Acceso Sur A7
  • City (P.C. ): Castellón (12006)
  • Phone: 964 372 435
  • Email:


For the purposes of the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data, iZanda Portable Machines Tools SL informs you that the data that can collect through this website will be incorporated into an automated file of personal data, in order to offer a more personalized, agile and efficient service. iZanda Portable Machines Tools SL is committed to fulfilling its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to guard it, and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, view at all times state of technology. Also, we inform you that you may exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition established by those rules (Article 15 LOPD.) By written request to: iZanda Portable Machines Tools S.L., in the direction indicated.


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