Engineering and Consulting Services

Design and Manufacture of Portable Machine Tool and processing services on site

iZanda Portable Machine Tools S.L. designs and manufactures portable machine tools, as well as specific tools for their customers. The organization has an engineering department that assesses the potential mechanical solutions and once the project is validated, it is manufactured in their own facilities with the help of the endowment of workshop.

To ensure that the final product  delivered complies with the guarantees laid down, the Quality Department analyzes the different stages of the productive process to certify that the technical requirements obtained are as expected.

  • Workshop activities reverse engineering and documentation/technical drawings

  • Renting and sale portable machine tools

  • Training and technology transfer

  • Provides a wide range of On-site Machining Services

  • Develops, manufactures and operates with different Portable Machine Tools of own production


More than 20 years of experience in Industrial Engineering

Specialist in Portable Machine Tools and Equipment.