• Stay Ring Flatness Machining

  • Boring of Guide Vanes Housings

  • Machining of Spiral Case

  • Boring Couplings Shafts

  • Machining of Generator Poles

  • Machining of Runner Chamber

  • On site Machining for Shafts

  • On site Machining of Sealing Areas

Machining of spiral case
plane hydraulic piping
stay ring milling on site
machine portable tool on site
boring couplings shaft
onsite measurement repairing an industrial machine

In addition to day-to-day maintenance activities, the Hydroelectric Power Plants requires major overhaul in long-terms timescales. These kind of overhauls includes a combination of disassembling components, inspections, cleaning, adjusting ,parts repairs and re-conditioning. Among the entire scope of the total jobs, on site machining repairs are frequently required: Stay Rings, Runner Chambers, Blades Wicket Gate.

Even for new Power Plants constructions, onsite machining are also needed in order to make sure a proper assembly and alignment of the components.

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