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machining workshop of izanda

iZanda Portable Machine Tools S.L. has a provision of workshop in order to be able to manufacture and/or repair parts received by our customers. Thanks to the Reverse Engineering and Precision Measurement equipment that we have, on numerous occasions we facilitate the drawings to the customer, if  desired.

The fact of counting with workshop machinery allows us to fabricate our own portable machines and any adjustment that can arise up. The main parts of the production process, from the designing stage up to the fabrication and commissioning of the equipment, are directly controlled by our technicians that facilities  fast modifications, accurate maintenance and adjustments of the equipment.

Among the main activities:

Duplicate of existing elements damaged
  • Duplicate of existing elements (damaged)
  • Improvement of the mechanical parts with new materials and geometries
  • Reverse engineering and documentation
  • Analysis and Certificates UL/EC for new or improved mechanical components
numerical control machine
hobbing machine
measuring equipment

More than 20 years of experience in Industrial Engineering