Cutting Machines

Cutting and Beveling Portable Machines

Cutters / Beveling Machines are portable equipment that are mainly used for cutting and chamfering pipes in field. However, adapting certain  tools, they become very versatile machines expanding its applications in a wide range of structural elements.

Portable Milling Machine

Portable Milling Machine

iZanda Portable Machine Tools have great variety of Portable Milling Machines for sale and/or rental include accessories, tools and plug-ins.

The portable milling machines are designed by a team of specialized technicians who have extensive experience of operating with them. These equipment have been specifically designed to work in-situ, which guarantee high level of technical request and demanding surface finishing of repaired parts..

Portable Line Boring Machine

portable line boring machine

The boring machines are excellent tools for a large number of site jobs. Its versatile capacity additional to boring as the trimming, drilling and tapping can be applied on equipment of different kinds: Cranes, hinge systems, support of racks, coupling holes boring to name a few.

Lathe Portable Machines

lathe portable machines

The portable lathes can work in a large quantity of diameters thanks to the adjustable feet to different sizes, at present up to 5 meters.

The arm tool of this portable equipment is mounted on the rotary table and constitutes a single one body, rigid and without gaps. In this way, the turn which is transmitted to the tool ensures full guarantees of machining. These Portable Lathes can operate leveling milling, facing, turning, boring in situ any mechanical component.

portable CNC milling machine

With iZanda’s portable CNC milling machine we can perform on-site operations such as:
Milling, Grooving, Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Threading.

European Partners

Izanda Portable Machine Tools S.L. and Mactech Europe Ltd have a collaboration agreement that allows both companies access to machinery, staff, equipment, technology and know-how to work together on projects at both the national and international levels.

Mactech Europe was founded in 1995 with the object of sell and rent equipment of cutting and beveling, being today, a recognized supplier of precision portable machines in the whole of Europe. Mactech machines are manufactured within the most strict tolerances and thereby ensure excellent performance in any type of conditions.

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