Design of a portable lathe

Design and Manufacture Portable Machine Tools

  • On-site Repair Study.
  • Components and Tools Design adapted to unique situations.
  • Developing working procedures for operations and safety.
  • Usage and maintenance manuals in different languages.
  • Creating suitable equipment following local regulations.
  • Post-sale technical support.
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machining operators working insitu

“In situ” machining services

  • Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling.
  • Flange facing.
  • Boring Holes.
  • Plates Milling: seats, seals, benches, brackets, etc.
  • Turning on shafts and journals.
  • Drilling and tapping.
  • Oversize bolts destrucions.
  • Controlled tensioning bolts.
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engineers working on design of a portable machine tool

Engineering and Consulting

  • Engineering Study.
  • Offers solutions with full guarantees delivery techniques.
  • Analyzes studies and performs calculations of structures, stress analysis and restrictions on finite element models.
  • Studying geometries, materials, thermal treatments, assemblies, fixing methods, etc.
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On-Site Machining Services

Operations: Milling, Turning, Boring, Grinding, Polishing, Drilling, Tapping…

Wind Sector

Yaw Ring Repair

Plate and Supports Machining

Brake Track Polishing

Shafts Orbital Turning

Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants

Upper and Lower Casing Machining

Generator Slots Machining

Shaft Journals Recovery

Hydro Power Plants

Stay Ring Machining

Runner Chamber and Runner Machining

Sealing Areas

Petrochemical Sector

Heat Exchangers Machining

Flange Joint Facing

Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling

Engine-Pump Plate Milling

Steel and other Sectors

Mills Stands

Rollers Path and Support Rollers

Slew Rings Drives

Manway Doors

Naval & OFFSHORE Sector

Hatch Machining

Shafts and Stern Tube

Rudder Stacks

Plates Flatness Machining

Car Industry Sector

Injection Press Machining

Injection Press Bench Machining