Yaw Ring Repair

Yaw Ring – Broken Teeth

There are different types of mechanisms that allow the transmission of movement between components: Systems of levers, Pulley system with/without Belts, Wheel System, System of Sprocket, etc. In regard to the gears, these tend to be sprockets (pinion-wheel) that well assembled, allow the engagement of one of them transmit the circular motion to the other.

Regardless of the type of gears that are used, their design or application (axles parallels, straight teeth, helical cylindrical, conical…etc.), the continous use may end up creating faults such as the breakage of teeth or  severe wear a tear  of the contact surface. These failures  end up causing further damage to the system and directly affect to the proper functionality of the equipment.

In such cases, where teeth are missing or the teeth are broken, the operator is faced with the option to change the full damaged element, yaw ring and/or pinion. However, these operations can be extensive, long and costly because it involves the supply of new components, the removal of connected parts, the usage of cranes and the cost of the downtown of the equipment.

For the repair of the damaged teeth, fissures or cracks in the yaw ring, iZanda´s Portable Machine Tools allows mechanical solutions based on the needs of the on site situation. iZanda´s portable method allows technicians to lift and fixate uniquely developed milling machines onto the yaw ring. Once the milling machine has been secured, the technician will cut a box shaped area including the damaged tooth/teeth. The technician will then attach a new component that perfectly fits the proportions of the milled out area. Once fitted and secured with bolts, the yaw ring will operate in its original, maximum capacity.

The implementation of this solution is not only to the complete breakage of the teeth, but also in those cases in which the teeth shows:

  • Wear and tear that decreases the thickness of the tooth and affect the shape,
  • Pitting and other plastic deviations on the teeth flank,
  • Cracks or fissures in the root of the tooth.

All these situations affect the rotating system directly and are clear signs of an impending tooth fracture. When the first teeth is missing, the second one is coming up soon so that is why, the repair of Yaw System and Positioning can be considered both as preventive and corrective actions to take into account to lengthening the life the equipment.

The benefits of the solution by machining in situ prevent the main drawbacks that are presented by adding material (welding) as for example, deviations in the geometry of the tooth repaired, poor adherence with the base material, the appearance of pores or distortions in the geometry and mechanical properties produced by thermal effects of the welding, etc

In this way and without disassembling any part of the equipment, you have a reliable and speedy redress that manages to lengthen the life of the yaw ring failures and damaged and also makes possible the standardized change of possible breakage of teeth in the same area, quickly and efficiently.

grooved teeth of wind turbine

Repairing Yaw Rings in situ

broken tooth of an orientation crown