Braking System in a Wind Turbine

The braking system of a wind turbine ; ensures that it automatically stops when it detects that one of its critical components does not work properly.

The components of a wind turbine are designed so that with proper maintenance they can last at least 20 years.

They must be prepared to operate for about 120,000 hours in often adverse weather conditions.

Wind turbines are equipped with various safety devices to ensure safe operation during their lifetime.

One of the most important safety devices is the braking system.

The number of emergency stops during the twenty years of service life is usually between 500 and 1 000 stops.

A wind turbine is a very sophisticated device full of sensors to detect any incidence. From overheating the generator, to protection against high wind speed.

Types of Wind Turbine Braking

Aerodynamic braking

It consists in turning the rotor blades 90 º to not offer resistance to the wind. The shovels are flagged. The wind turbine will brake in a couple of turns in a smooth and effortless way or wear parts to brake.

Mechanical braking

It is a support brake for the aerodynamics and as a parking brake for maintenance tasks. Must be operational at all times and monitored remotely.

Usually consist of a disc or braking track with hydraulic brake shoes.

Collapse of a wind turbine due to failure of the braking system

Repair wind turbine braking system

It can happen that the discs or braking track are deteriorated by the friction forming grooves in the metal that hinder the braking. From IZanda we have designed the insitu machinery for the repair of the wind turbine braking track, anywhere in the world.

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