Heat Exchangers Reparation

Heat exchangers are widely used equipment in the industrial sector, especially in the petrochemical industry.

In the productive processes, the heat transfer is a key point for this type of activity and its maintenance is really important for a good functioning.

In general, they are usually large equipment and difficult to be transported, that’s why iZanda Portable Machine Tools has designed and manufactured portable equipment for on-site maintenance of the following components:

  • Tube Sheet gasket Joints: Front Side to Floating Tube Sheet Distributor, Rear Side to Tubular Beam.
  • Divider Zone: Slot Tubular Plate.
  • Flanges Connections, Shell Nozzles, Shell Cover Flange .
  • Gasket Zone: Floating Cover, Distributor.
  • Beveled of Tube sheet for union plates.
  • Others…

Inplace Reparation Heat Exchangers

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Front Flange Joint

Slot Tubular Plate

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Back Flange Joint

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