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iZanda Portable Machine has developed a new portable on-site CNC machine

According to the most avant-gardist demands of the industrial overview, where the complexity of the components used to conform production systems and machines’ mechanisms blends with the necessity of the extension of their life service; and in addition to our pursuit to internationally lead the on-site machining sector, here in iZanda PMT we have developed a new portable on-site computer numerical control (CNC) device for on-site machining operations.

In order with those premises, we attended and faced the problematics inferred from the evolution of machinery in industry, summing up all our research in the materialization of our newest portable tool.

Due to this innovation, we have improved the machining accuracy on-site, resulting in an optimal cost-effective operation, including not only a reduction of the investment on this sort of procedure, but an enormous save of time, letting operative your machinery sooner.

Speaking about the machining specifications, in addition to the boring of large dimensions’ holes, high depths drilling and large complex areas milling, operations able to be carried out by our CNC portable devices; we must highlight the capability to thread mill large dimensions’ holes on-site, which represents the distinguishing feature of our investigation.

This CNC portable machine can be mounted in any working environment and will allow you to count on workshop-quality on-site repairs and improvements without having to remove the equipment from the site.

Portable CNC Machine Tool Features

  • CNC management. Software offers real-time feedback on tool positioning and machine operation development and a precise control of the procedure performed

  • CAD – CAM machining possibilities

  • Made out with light and resistant materials aiming to facilitate its transport and set up, as to ensure its correct function

  • Designed to bore and thread hole diameters ranging from 20 mm – 250 mm (0.787″ – 9.842″)

  • Hole depths up to 400 mm (15.748″)

  • Certification(s): CE

  • Achievement of consistent results due to the incorporation of high tolerance profile rails

  • In order to provide an improvement to the milling head’s precision, the triad of axes include precision ground ball screws

  • Able to carry out repeatable machining operations with accurate finishes

  • Cutting operation of cold nature

  • Singular machine competent at drilling and threading operations


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